Some days have passed by, but it is not just a simple phrase that life in Cape Town is very lively and vibrant: Not one day has passed by since my arrival, where the day was not filled to the brim with all sorts of activities. You may be thinking: Well, student life in Cape Town, what else do you want/need? And yes, you are absolutely right: Nothing! But my 'student life' here, is no real student life, as I thought it would be. My time sheet at University has definitely more hours then my private/social timesheet, which is filled with "free" hours at the beach, in the center or around Cape Town, I. But already after some weeks of studying, I can already say that the study is not only academically but primarily personally intense, caused by a lot of discussion, reflection and critical thought thinking.

Another very great value is the connection with all Rotarians. Since my arrival, I'm very close with my sponsor club site, the Rotary Club of Blouberg. Every time I get to know a new Rotarian brings a plethora of impressive (life) stories, counsels and experiences. An infinitely exciting and enriching experience!

Coming back to South Africa feels very special to me. While I was living in 2008 in Johannesburg, which appears more anonmynous and colder to me, Cape Town is a melting pot of diverese and spiritual influences, moods and special nuances.
I live in Greenpoint, in the center of Cape Town, less than 5 minutes from the sea and about 20 km drive from n my campus. The question of why I'm not living close to the campus, can be easily answered by just sharing small moments of my daily life: When I am closing the front door every morning and see the early morning sun over the ocean ... when I am jogging next to the sea along the promenade: with sounds of the sea, a fresh breeze, along the beautiful Sandstraneden of Clifton and Camps Bay ... when I follow the sunset from my campus to Cape Town and the Table Mountain, Signal Hill and Lions Head resplendent in the most beautiful shades of red shines ... I could continue this list further and further... But at the same time I see every day begging blacks on the street or drive past one of the townships. The (in)direct effects of apartheid are not only noticeable, they are partly still existent. Conversations with locals or discussions about justice, politics or economy South Africa's make me often to stop arguing and discussing, because there are so many points that seems hopeless and no one knows where to start from and how...

home is where your heart is. I arrived: safely and completely. happy. For all those to whom I have not been in touch for the last days or weeks: I am really sorry for that! Under Blog / impressions you will find some pictures from the first days!ier klicken .

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